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Welcome to our free industry leading guide on Norwich Pharmacal Orders. Whether you applying for an Norwich Pharmacal order or have been served with one, we have the team of experts to advise in this unusual area of the law. Call today for immediate help

Francis Wilks & Jones solicitors have been advising clients on Norwich Pharmacal orders since 2002. We are amongst the leading UK legal experts in Norwich Pharmacal Orders, Freezing Orders and Commercial Litigation claims in the country.

Our brilliant team can help take advise you in this unusual area of the law. We provide advice to –

  • Parties wishing to apply for a Norwich Pharmacal order – to help find the information they need to bring a claim.
  • Parties served with Norwich Pharmacal Orders – to make sure they comply with the order and also recovery their legal costs in the process.
  • Parties wishing to defend the application.

This helpful guide will take you through the key aspects of the Norwich Pharmacal remedy, what it is about and how we can help you.

For more immediate help – call one of our expert commercial litigation team today. Or simply call partners Andrew Carter or Maria Koureas-Jones for immediate help.

What is a Norwich Pharmacal order?

What is a Norwich Pharmacal order?
Norwich pharmacal order definition
Norwich Pharmacal orders – useful information
How to apply for a Norwich Pharmacal order
Example of a Norwich Pharmacal order
How to respond if served with a Norwich Pharmacal Order?
Norwich Pharmacal order costs
Defending Opposing a Norwich Pharmacal Order
Is confidentiality of information a defence?

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