An outstanding invoice or outstanding invoices can damage the cash-flow of a business quickly, particularly if the debt is large and becomes increasingly overdue. OUr brilliant debt recovery team can help you get paid

Effective action to collect an outstanding invoice is always recommended and at FWJ we specialise in collecting outstanding invoices. Our debt recovery team collects in 1000’s of debts a year.

  • an FWJ solicitor’s letter can put you ahead of other creditors seeking to recover a debt from the same person or company.
  • if you leave collecting the outstanding invoice too late, the debtor may simply run out of money leaving you without any ability to recover the sum.

The best way to collect an outstanding invoice is to use a solicitor’s letter. A well drafted solicitor’s letter can greatly increase your chances of recovering the outstanding invoice.

Collecting unpaid invoices can be straightforward but only with the right expertise. Sending a solicitor’s letter (otherwise known as a letter before claim, letter before action, debt recovery letter, debt recovery letter before action, letter before court action or late payment letter) can be a great way of collecting in debts from stubborn payers.

However, care needs to be taken to ensure that the letter is not only compliant with any relevant pre-action protocols but also is suitably worded to ensure that maximum pressure is put on the debtor to pay.

At Francis Wilks & Jones we have the expertise of sending out tens of thousands of solicitor’s letters recovering tens of millions of pounds. Let us help you too

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