As a complex commercial litigator, I passionately formulate thoughtful, creative and effective advice. Having both in-house and private practice experience, I am practical and commercial in my approach and have been described as “pragmatic, with a strong legal knowledge and extremely practical advice”.

My primary areas of focus are:

  • Complex and high value contractual breaches from payment disputes to class actions with both in court litigation, and settlement (including arbitration and mediation) experience.
  • Intellectual Property disputes, and in particular defending patent entity assertions.
  • Global investigations ranging from corruption and company fraud to product safety. Investigations may be necessary to manage the impact of crime and regulatory enforcement on multinationals and executives, and may valuably protect reputation.
  • Strategic risk analysis, aversion and management.  The ability to identify, manage and mitigate legal risks against increased regulatory interest is paramount to avoid exposure to financial and reputational losses if legal risks develop.  As a company’s legal function strengthens so too will the way in which it contributes to risk management.

Commercial and IP Litigation

  • Settlement of a breach of contract relating to software supply, which threatened to compromise a global cybersecurity platform.
  • Successfully resisting an injunction relating to a multimillion-pound licensing dispute brought by a licensee and reaching a ‘drop hands’ resolution.
  • Successfully defending a €250 million patent dispute regarding complex network infrastructure equipment which reached the Court of Appeal, resulting in the whole patent portfolio being declared invalid by the European Patent Office after extensive submissions.


  • Global investigation with over 40 interviews of business stakeholders relating to potential corruption and company fraud, and consideration of regulatory notification obligations.  A timely and thorough investigation ensured that wrongdoings were identified, recommendations to various strands of the business were made, and regulatory notification was avoided.
  • Multiple smaller scale investigations across markets concerning matters relating to senior stakeholders, product safety and company fraud.

Risk Management Advice may be required at any stage to ensure risk is managed effectively and efficiently.  Risk management advice is valuable in dealing with a dispute, contract amendments, assessing flexibility of the current contract terms, or when considering external pressures such as reputation, reporting or regulatory requirements.  Quick, commercially practical and reliable advice is necessary to avoid or minimise unnecessary escalation of a dispute.   

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