As an experienced debt recovery practitioner, I aim to provide clear and concise advice on all matters irrespective of the complexity. I take pride in my ability to truly understand my clients needs to to develop bespoke solutions to fit their needs.

I am an approachable person and create long lasting relationships with client’s where they feel comfortable to approach me for any manner of issues and are able to trust that the advice provided is specific to their situation and that all scenarios have been considered.

My years of experience aid in the effective recovery and enforcement of debts and I am not phased by the size of the challenge.

I have experience working with a wide variety of clients, which includes large non-profit companies through to the individual client. I am minded towards a commercial approach to litigation and debtors and aim to tailor each instruction to a client’s specific needs to be cost effective and provide the best possible outcome.

My experience includes:

  • Carrying out volume contentious debt recovery a large not-for-profit as well as making enforcement recommendations in respect of collection of debts. I have also worked with their debtors to resolve ongoing issues of a technical or an affordability nature to prevent further debt accrual and break the cycle of indebtedness.
  • Successfully acting for a large supplier of tiles aiding in the collection of unpaid commercial and residential invoices and updated their sales terms and conditions in order to make any potential debt collections more effective and efficient.
  • Acting  on behalf of a large Welsh recruitment agency in defending debt collection proceedings including Statutory Demands saving the agency tens of thousands of pounds.
  • Successfully acted on behalf of a well know funeral undertakers in the collection of unpaid funeral costs. This work was of a sensitive nature and it was important to balance empathy and effectiveness due to the nature of the debt.

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