I advise companies and individuals on commercial litigation matters, including breach of contract claims, partnership disputes and professional negligence. My expertise includes disputes relating to loan, joint venture, profit share and general commercial agreements which regularly intertwine with director’s duties, insolvency, fraud and enforcement issues.

My personable manner and candid approach ensure that clients are at immediate ease, helping them through what can often be a daunting process.

I recognise the importance of keeping clients informed, managing their expectations and addressing any concerns they may have along the way.

I’m also determined to achieve the best commercial outcome for every client as early as possible and with minimal cost.

My experience includes:

  • ensuring that the construction of a significant development in Europe was not interrupted following a dispute over the validity of a payment on demand clause in a funding loan agreement (worth over £100m)
  • preventing a very high net worth client’s rare and private car collection worth over £20m being sold at auction by receivers following a default on a loan repayment
  • dismissing a bankruptcy petition issued by HMRC for £300,000 (plus interest and penalties) in respect of undeclared taxable income and negotiating a favourable settlement to prevent the client’s home from being sold
  • obtaining an emergency injunction for a client against a former employee for various forms of misconduct, and achieving a favourable settlement following issue of the claim ensuring that the client’s business interests were protected
  • striking out a claimant’s claim with costs awarded to the client and avoiding the need for the claim to proceed to trial
  • previously working at HMRC within their Strategic Litigation department which dealt with high value and complex matters

I am a member of R3, the trade association for UK insolvency and restructuring professionals.

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