I am head of the firm’s debt recovery team, regularly helping lenders, businesses and individuals recover money owed to them as quickly and cost effectively as possible and defending those facing debt claim proceedings.

I have developed longstanding relationships with many of my clients and gain new ones through their recommendations: clients trust that I will always achieve the best possible result for them and keep them fully informed of all the costs and risks associated with their case from the outset.

I am organised, diligent and thorough but also very approachable – clients feel comfortable asking me questions and seeking my guidance on day-to-day matters. My additional expertise in credit control and litigation enables me to fully empathise with debt collection challenges and consider alternative methods of recovery where necessary.

My expertise includes advising:

  • banks and financial institutions with the recovery of unpaid invoices
  • SMEs, directors and shareholders across various sectors on the full spectrum of debt recovery matters and the defence of debt claims in respect of unpaid invoices
  • private clients on the recovery of money owed within families, personal loans and loans from 3rd parties, and the defence of debt claim proceedings
  • insolvency practitioners on the collection of book debts and sales ledgers

Bank & financial institution highlights:

  • supporting several asset based finance companies with the recovery of their unpaid invoices

SME, director & shareholder highlights:

  • assisting a family law firm in recovering its unpaid solicitors’ fees
  • carrying out volume debt recovery on behalf of a claims management company in respect of its unpaid commission fees from pre-action through to the enforcement of county court judgments
  • recovering unpaid property maintenance and service charges from tenants and/or leaseholders on behalf of various landlords
  • recovering unpaid tuition fees on behalf of private education facilities from both domestic and international debtors
  • assisting a designer eyewear supplier with the recovery of its unpaid invoices for goods delivered from both domestic and international debtors
  • assisting a farm feed producer with the recovery of its unpaid invoices
  • assisting a company with the recovery of overpaid salaries from ex-employees

Private client highlights:

  • successfully recovering monies a client loaned to a family member
  • helping a client defend an application for possession and an order for sale brought against them by joint trustees in bankruptcy

Insolvency practitioner highlights:

  • managing the recovery of a book debt ledger of approximately 600 matters amounting to £950,000 through county court and enforcement proceedings

I am a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.

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