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The private client team at Francis Wilks & Jones undertake a wide variety of dispute resolution work its clients. Whether you are looking to make a claim against another party or the receiving end of an actual or potential claim, we have the team to help.

Our private commercial litigation & dispute resolution team can assist with the following:

Alternative dispute resolution and mediation processes

We are keen advocates in exploring alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in the right circumstances and at the right time of any dispute. These can range from

  • straightforward without prejudice settlement meetings;
  • formal mediation;
  • adjudication; or
  • expert determination.

Seeking resolution of a claim at the right time can be beneficial to any party to a dispute and our team is well versed in using the various methods available in order to best settle a claim at the earliest opportunity.

Private commercial litigation disputes

Our team is very experienced in acting for parties in commercial contract disputes.

It is crucial to always understand the exact commercial contractual arrangements between the parties at the outset of a claim and our expert team has experienced all types of contractual scenario over the years. Correctly interpreting the contractual arrangements in place is one of the bedrocks of maximising the client outcome to a contractual dispute.

Added to this, we are fully versed in dealing with all the relevant Pre Action Protocol processes and procedures to ensure, where possible, early (and a favourable) determination to the claim.  But if legal proceedings are required, our team can take a claim successfully to trial if needed. Whether you are a claimant of a defendant in the dispute, our team can help.

Fraud claims

Fraud is an unfortunate but all too common fact of life for many individuals. Fraudsters are no longer the one off “chancers” of yesteryear. They are often highly sophisticated, luring in even the most experienced professionals to their fraudulent transactions. Our team is very experienced in dealing with fraudulent situations and where possible, recovering any losses for you.

Professional negligence

Our professional negligence team is here to assist on any claims of negligence that you might have against professional service providers, such as lawyers, accountants, surveyors and many more.

Whatever your claims or dispute, our private client commercial litigation & dispute resolution team is here to assist. We have a wide range of experience gained over many years dealing with all manner of claims We can and will bring this experience to bear when dealing with a client’s dispute and obtaining the most favourable outcome.

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