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Being served with a bankruptcy petition can be frightening. But our team can help you find a way to avoid bankruptcy. Call our friendly team today.

A bankruptcy petition is normally served by a creditor of an individual seeking payment of outstanding money. Bankruptcy petitions are commonly issued and served by trade suppliers, individuals, companies, financial institutions and the HMRC.

Whatever the reason for receipt of the bankruptcy petition, you must act quickly.

If a bankruptcy petition is not dealt with it can have enormous consequences in your personal life. It may even lead to

  • the loss of your assets, house and business.
  • ruining you credit rating
  • inability to obtain finance

It is vital to take early control and this can make the difference between avoiding bankruptcy and having to go through the painful process of bankruptcy.

Our team can help you in the following ways

Contact one of our expert bankruptcy lawyers now. Whatever the situation – our team can help.

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