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Norwich Pharmacal orders are a type of court order to compel a third party not directly involved in the freezing order proceedings to disclosure documentation or information. Our team can help third parties served with these types of orders and deal with all the issues relating to document disclosure, compliance and recovery of legal costs.

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A Norwich Pharmacal order is a specific type of court order which requires a respondent to disclose certain documents or information to the applicant.

Norwich Pharmacal orders are commonly used to identify wrongdoers by obtaining information from a third party which may help the applicant to ascertain the true identity of the wrongdoer. A Norwich Pharmacal order may also assist the applicant in identifying the full nature of the wrongdoing and help clarify the exact nature of that wrongdoing prior to any applications being made to court for injunctive relief.

Whatever the reason for your enquiry, it is always sensible to act quickly when dealing with Norwich Pharmacal orders. Contact our team of experts today.

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