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Receiving a winding up petition can be a very frightening experience. With our team you will be in safe hands. Since 2002, our team has dealt with many 100's of petitions over the years and successfully resolved many of them to the benefit of our clients. Let our team help you today.

Welcome to Francis Wilks & Jones, the country’s leading firm of winding up petition lawyers.

A winding up petition is normally served by a creditor of a company seeking payment of overdue monies. Winding up by creditors normally consist of petitions by trader suppliers, but can also include HMRC and banks.

Whatever the reason – you must act quickly. If a winding up petition is not dealt with it can have enormous consequences for your business, your livelihood and may even lead to personal claims against you if the company enters liquidation. It is vital to take early control.

Unlike other websites you many have visited, our emphasis is helping our clients to continue trading, not placing them into insolvency. Let us help you today

I have found FWJ to be perceptive, to the point and realistic. They have been able to assimilate and forcefully defend a very aggressive claim with very limited historic information.

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One of the most astute appointments I have ever made.

A company director

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