Why Choose FWJ


From setting the record of the number of leave applications granted at any one hearing (17), to dealing with directors disqualification cases which the Insolvency Service have dropped and paid our clients in full, We have many years of achieving the highest level of results for our clients.

Commercial Acumen

We acknowledge the importance of treating each individual case as unique. We understand that each individual’s personal circumstances are slightly different and tailor our advice accordingly.

A whole range of factors need to be considered at the outset of a case before a strategy suitable for that person can be put in to practice. Some clients may be happy simply to negotiate an undertaking (for example due to cost, age or lack of other current directorships). For others it may be of vital importance to avoid disqualification altogether.

We know all of the necessary questions to ask our individual clients about their personal circumstances even before we consider the merits of the claim threatened against them.


Having spent many years dealing with the Insolvency Service and their panel lawyers, we know how they “work” and how best to use that to our clients’ advantage. Experience has taught us which tactics to use and when in order to achieve the results our clients are looking for.

Litigation Expertise

We excel in drafting witness statements to the highest level in cases which our clients do wish to defend directors disqualification. Indeed, the quality of the evidence we draft has been critical in recent cases where the Insolvency Service have chosen to discontinue cases and pay our clients’ costs in full. The ability to disseminate large volumes of documentation and produce detailed witness statements from that information is at the core of our expertise in this area.

Negotiation Skills

Our team is highly skilled in the negotiation process. To that end we have for example attended the Insolvency Service at the pre issue stage and persuaded them not to issue against a particular client, arguing that it was not in the public interest to do so. This despite there being Crown Debt of over £3m as at the date of liquidation. Our team is very skilled in this critically important area.

Relationships with Counsel

It is very important to know that the lawyer you instruct is supported by the most able barristers who will assist either in arguing the case at trial and / or in the compilation of witness statements (if required). Over the past decade we have developed very close links with one set of Chambers in particular and the knowledge that the “team” also consists of the most able barristers is of great comfort to our clients.


We understand that cost is often a vital issue for our clients. Whilst legal proceedings are not cheap to defend, being a niche practice we do not carry the significant overheads of many larger firms and are able to place the right team member on different aspects of a case to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum. Our experience in this area of the law also means that we know where best to concentrate resources meaning that all time spent is directed at achieving the best result at the lowest cost to you. Indeed, in a number of cases we have defended, the Insolvency Service have repaid all our client’s legal fees, resulting in no net cost at all

A Friendly Service

Whilst we recognise all of the above are important to our clients, we also recognise that our clients want to deal with “normal” people. Andy Wilks founded Francis Wilks & Jones ten years ago having become disillusioned working at a large city practice and the obvious lack of understanding it had as to the importance placed by clients on being able to relate to the lawyers instructed.

As a firm, we are all approachable, friendly, available at short notice and understand the need to relate to the issues our clients face.

For more information contact: Andy Wilks