Director of a chain of retail shops

This was an extensive instruction over two years where in the Secretary of State pursued our clients for a Director Disqualification Order arising from misconduct, whilst simultaneously the appointed Liquidator pursued our clients (company directors) for repayment of the Directors Loan Account and additional borrowing sought to be credited to this account.

This latter claim was for a considerable sum and, combined with the Director Disqualification Claim, would have a severe impact on our clients’ ability to continue their current interests.

What we did

We spent extensive periods of time advising the clients, correspondence with both the Insolvency Service and the Liquidator’s solicitors and reviewing/examining old accounting records in support of the clients’ case.

This included case management of proceedings issued by the Liquidator.

The Result

The Insolvency Service, following receipt of our extensive and detailed correspondence, acknowledged the representations provided and decided it was not in the Public Interest to continue with the Director Disqualification Claim.

We prepared detailed evidence and served it in support of our clients’ Defence in the proceedings issued by the Liquidator.  No further evidence was served on our clients care of Francis Wilks & Jones on behalf of the Liquidator.