Seven directors of a digital technology company

We acted for seven separate directors of a large group of companies involved in cutting edge digital technology applications. Unfortunately, the group of companies entered into administration due to cash flow issues with HMRC arrears in the region of £1.7 million. Director disqualification proceedings were threatened against each of the directors of the group of companies concerned, including a number of high profile individuals.

What we did

FWJ was instructed at an early stage and detailed responses were provided to the various questionnaires sent by the Insolvency Service to each of the seven directors. Great care was taken in compiling these responses and each of them set out the reasons why proceedings against each of our clients were misconceived.

The Result

Upon consideration of the evidence, the Insolvency Service decided not to issue proceedings. This enabled all seven directors to avoid director disqualification and continue with their current business interests. This avoided the expense of dealing with formal director disqualification proceedings and a possible 17 Section application for leave on behalf of the directors concerned. It also avoided adverse publicity for the high profile clients involved.