FWJ Informer - Autumn 2013

Welcome to the FWJ INFORMER.

We are committed to excellence and aim to provide the highest possible quality of legal services to our clients. The FWJ INFORMER explains some of the recent legal developments that are relevant to the asset based lending industry and how they affect the conduct of your business.

This edition of the FWJ INFORMER looks at some potential common pitfalls for financiers in their day-to-day dealings with clients: firstly, how to make sure that no enforcement rights are compromised by the financier’s dealings with a distressed client, and secondly, the importance of ensuring that the financier contracts with the correct trading entity.

Our insolvency team looks at the impact for insolvency practitioners and creditors of the enhanced content requirements for SIP 16 reports to be made where a company’s business and assets are disposed of in a pre-pack sale.

Our litigation team looks at the importance of making sure the ‘mechanical’ parts of any document, in this instance the notice clause, are suitable for the needs of the parties and the way they operate. The team also highlights the potential problems for a claimant if the notice provisions contained in an agreement are not properly followed.

Finally, we touch briefly on why a financier may need to take into account any obligations a prospect may have under the recently introduced auto-enrol pension regulations.

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