FWJ Informer - Spring 2012

Welcome to the FWJ INFORMER.

We are committed to excellence and aim to provide the highest possible quality of legal services to our clients. The FWJ INFORMER explains some of the recent legal developments that are relevant to the asset based lending industry and how they affect the conduct of your business.

This edition of the FWJ INFORMER looks at two very recent cases that will be of interest to administrators. The first continues the discussion from the Winter 2012 edition of FWJ INFORMER about the requirements to give notice of an intention to appoint an administrator; the second case revisits the treatment of rent as an expense of an administration.

The new Practice Direction on Insolvency Proceedings was published in February 2012. We summarise some of the key practical changes.

We also look at the latest proposals likely to affect debt recoveries: some good news, as the threatened compulsory pre-action mediation of smaller claims is withdrawn; and some bad news, if enforcement officers are allowed to deduct higher fees from debtor recoveries.

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