Spring 2015

Welcome to the FWJ INFORMER.

We are committed to excellence and aim to provide the highest possible quality of legal services to our clients. The FWJ INFORMER explains some of the recent legal developments that are relevant to professionals working in the asset based lending industry and how they affect the conduct of your business.

The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill first published last year has been advancing through Parliament and now looks like being one of the last pieces of legislation to be entered onto the statute book under this government. In the style of modern legislation, much of it is of an enabling nature and will require secondary legislation at a later stage before the intended changes can be implemented. This edition of the FWJ INFORMER looks at the parts of this Bill that propose a nullification of the ban of invoice assignment clauses; introduce changes to company law designed to improve transparency of the ownership of English companies, including the creation of registers of people with significant control over UK companies, and some changes to the filing and corporate record requirements which are intended to streamline the administrative burden.

FWJ’s litigation team considers some alternative tactics to deliver good results for you in commercial claims without suffering the impact of the recent substantial increases to court fees. It also looks at an early indication of how the costs budgeting regime is impacting on interim cost orders.

The last few months have seen several changes for the insolvency world. FWJ’s insolvency team summarises some of the biggest recent developments for Insolvency Practitioners, including the reprieve for insolvency litigation funding, the introduction of new reporting and fee information obligations for IPs and new laws intended to protect the supply of vital services to insolvent companies.

For IPs dealing with the proposed disposal of freehold interests in premises subject to residential leases, there is a reminder of the need to give the ‘qualifying tenants’ a right of first refusal before a disposal can be validly concluded.

If the proposed changes for assignment of invoices were not enough, the Law Commission considers the abolition of bills of sale registration.

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