Making the Strength of your Case Pay

Welcome to Francis Wilks & Jones, a leading boutique firm specialising in commercial litigation claims and company disputes, including those between shareholders and/or directors. With comprehensive experience and knowledge of directors’ duties, shareholder interests and corporate structuring, we will have the solution you require.

It is not uncommon for a company or individual to have an interest or claim which they need legal advice and assistance on to recover.  However, it is also not unusual that the funds required to pay these legal costs is not there.  However, all is not lost and if you have a strong position we can assess your case and use the strength of your interest or claim to pay your legal costs, without any up-front money required from you!

No matter who you are, as with all matters you need to act now.  It is especially important in a lot of cases to get this resolved at an early stage before the added costs of Court proceedings are required or before other events make things worse.

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