Do You Need Bankruptcy Or Insolvency Advice?

Bankruptcy is a process which is intended to relieve parties of burdensome debts where they are no longer to cope with the repayments or demands for repayments. It enables debtors to continue with their day-to-day affairs without the worries of such debts and is often the only solution. 

At Francis Wilks and Jones we can advise and assist both debtors and trustees in bankruptcy on various regulatory and asset recovery aspects of the statutory and regulatory framework and, for debtors, we can often recommend on non-bankruptcy solutions which may produce different results.

Our services are wide-ranging and include the following:

  • Dealing with negotiations with your debtors, debt recovery and issuing statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions against these debtors for recovery of these debts and advising on risks and positioning in the event that a debtor enters into insolvency proceedings.
  • Negotiating indebtedness with your pressing creditors (particularly HMRC) and providing structured, agreed solutions.
  • Advising on alternative debt solutions available to you in respect of your indebtedness, including Debt Relief Orders and Individual Voluntary Arrangements, and recommending Insolvency Practitioners who can advise and assist appropriate to the complexity and extent of your personal situation.
  • Defending statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions, including applications to set aside a statutory demand.
  • Assisting with applications to validate transactions (for example property sales) after the date of presentation of a bankruptcy petition, with a view to paying off the petitioning creditor.
  • Advising and assisting on property issues, including defending or negotiating with trustees in respect of proposed or issued applications for possession of your property, be it a rental accommodation or your residential home, and the statutory limitation issues for such applications.
  • Advising on bankruptcy orders made and applications to annul or appeal the bankruptcy order, either as a result of a procedural impropriety or with a view to paying off all of the debts due.
  • Advising and assisting with claims by trustees in bankruptcy for recovery of assets transferred to third parties pre-bankruptcy or in respect of any connected transactions.
  • General advice and assistance on all bankruptcy or debt related matters not covered above.