Director Disqualification Grounds - Dishonest Conduct

What if my conduct is found to be dishonest?

If the person had a previously unblemished character, that can be taken into account in terms of mitigation of the director disqualification period. 

There are numerous examples of dishonest conduct ranging from the sale of property without the knowledge or consent of the owner, depriving individuals or businesses of assets by intentionally misleading them or making misrepresentations or issuing cheque payments where it is known that no funds exist to satisfy such payments.

Although proceedings for director disqualification of a director, or in respect of any proceedings brought against a director personally for compensation on behalf of the company or a creditor, are generally issued in civil courts, allegations of fraud or dishonesty will require a higher level of proof in support.  Accordingly such allegations are often not issued lightly as the claimant must reach a higher bar in proving its case. 

When considering evidence in response to allegations of dishonesty involving “deals” which have gone wrong, the court will look at a variety of matters including:

  1. Whether the deal in question was simply “too good to be true”.
  2. Whether it was simply implausible for the director to believe that what was happening was as result of shear good fortune or hard work within such a short period of time.  The court will consider what a reasonable director in such circumstances would have thought about the deal.
  3. Did the director put any difficult and awkward questions out of his/her mind in pursuit of the deal?

A director disqualification order can also be made in criminal proceedings by the Court in addition to any fine or order for committal.  This will normally relates to allegations of fraud or money laundering/proceeds of crime prosecutions.

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