How to stop being disqualified as a director

If your company is still trading and you are suffering from solvency concerns and believe your company may go into liquidation, then advice at this stage can be important to help protect your position personally from the threat of director disqualification in the future. Director disqualification only happens once a company has entered into liquidation and as such, early advice at the pre-liquidation stage can sometimes hugely protect your personal position.

If the company of which you were a director has entered into formal liquidation, then there is always a risk that you might be approached by the Insolvency Service Disqualification Unit making enquiries of your conduct at the time that you were a director. The earlier you seek expert director disqualification legal advice the better. This is because many directors, with the best of intentions, respond to enquiries which may appear innocuous from the Insolvency Service but in fact can later be used against the individual and bring a formal set of director disqualification proceedings.

Therefore, early advice is always preferable and can make the difference between no director disqualification claim being made at all compared to avoiding dealing with matters and then having fight the director disqualification claim on the back foot.

There are many defences to different director disqualification offences. At Francis Wilks & Jones we are the country’s leading firm of expert disqualification lawyers. Whatever your enquiry, contact us and we can deal with your situation.

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Our expert team of director disqualification solicitors at Francis Wilks & Jones are here to help you with any type of director disqualification enquiry. Contact one of our experienced director disqualification lawyers now for your confidential consultation. Whatever your director disqualification requirements, we can show you director disqualification examples of similar cases we have successfully assisted our clients with. 


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