Company Services

At Francis Wilks & Jones we understand the complexities of business and the support that a business needs to develop.  We have supported our commercial clients (and the individuals behind those clients) for many years.  Our “company focused” offering places emphasis not just on the full range of legal and technical issues that arise for our clients, but also the practical considerations of running a business on a day-to-day basis.

We are a partner to our clients and are committed to ensuring that our clients’ businesses and the individuals behind those businesses remain successful. 

We detail below just some of the ways that we support New and Existing Businesses:


We demystify the entire process of running a business.  Common terms are easily explained in our Company Glossary.  

Our years’ of experience enable us to provide both legal and practical advice for all new businesses to enable them to trade successfully in the future.

A solid commercial framework is vital and includes:

Business Review Read more

Setting up your own business or developing into a new area of business can be challenging and there will be many different issues that all demand your attention. We can relieve you from part of this burden by providing expert advice regarding some of the formalities and help support you.

We provide a comprehensive review of the proposed business, including its trading style, employment and property issues, personal liability considerations and financial requirements.  See our booklets "The 8 Most Common Mistakes when Setting Up a Business" , "Directors’ Duties and Liabilities: A Handy Guide" and Ten Dangers of Not Having a Business Plan for additional guidance upon these issues.

Terms & Conditions Read more

A robust set of Terms & Conditions is vital to any successful business.  We can help draft something bespoke for your business.  A good set of terms will improve cash-flow and eliminate spurious disputes from customers seeking to avoid payment of your invoices.  

Shareholders’ Agreement Read more

We can draft a bespoke Shareholders’ Agreement to ensure that the owners of the business are all in agreement as to exactly what is expected of them and what their own expectations are for the future of the business.  Clearly, if these expectations are out of line then issues can develop, which, if not dealt with promptly, can tear a business apart.  For more details upon this issue, see our booklet “The Importance of a Shareholders’ Agreement” and refer to our specialist Shareholder and Director page.

Contract Review Read more

We provide specialist advice regarding various forms of finance facility documentation, including the meaning of any security or Personal Guarantees required in support of a finance facility, together with any proposed purchase and supply agreements regulating on-going trade.  It is so important to be entirely certain of what is being signed before it is signed and your business is committed.  FWJ can provide this much needed advice.

In our experience, investment time spent in the early stages of a business will provide that business with the vital protection and flexibility that it needs to flourish in a dispute free environment.


Firstly, have all of the above New Business considerations been met?  

If they have then FWJ is there to support and help develop a business further, as follows:

Improved Cashflow Read more

FWJ has a highly regarded Debt Recovery department that recovers many millions of pounds each year for its commercial clients.  We achieve this through the tactical use of robust demand letters and, wherever possible, the use of insolvency-based recovery routes.  See our booklet "Summary of Litigation and Enforcement Options" or contact our Litigation Department for a consultation regarding your situation.

Director or Shareholder Disputes Read more

Management disputes are one of the greatest threats to a successful business and FWJ has a specialist team that advises companies and their individual directors and shareholders on their legal rights and responsibilities in the event of disagreement.  See our booklet "Common FAQs For Shareholders and Directors" or refer to our Shareholder and Director Advice page for further details.

Property Issues Read more

Whether relating to the acquisition or disposal of leasehold or freehold property or landlord issues such as lease extensions, forfeiture or possession proceedings, FWJ’s property team is on hand to advise.  See our Property page for further details.

Funding Advice Read more

Whether to support difficult times or to fund business growth, FWJ has a wealth of experience and contacts to best suit its clients’ requirements. See our Links to Link to Other Specialists page for details.

Once you have decided what sort of funding will best suit your business plans we can help you understand the terms of any business loan, agreement, or debenture that your bank or financier would like you to enter into. We can also provide directors with advice in relation to deeds of indemnity and personal guarantees.

Restructuring, Rescue and Insolvency Advice Read more

When a company becomes insolvent, the duties of the directors shift from being accountable to the shareholders to being accountable to the creditors.  This is a potential minefield situation where a wrong move can result in the personal liability of those managing the company.  Expert advice from our Insolvency team is recommended at the earliest sign of financial difficulty to help identify whether restructuring is an option open to you and to help guide you through the insolvency process generally.  See our booklet "10 Signs Your Business May Be in Trouble" or contact our Business Rescue and Recovery team.

Director Disqualification Advice Read more

Our specialist team is recognised as a national leader in advising directors in defending Disqualification Proceedings brought against them by the Secretary of State pursuant to the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 following the directors’ former company’s insolvency.  See our Director Disqualification page for more details.