Can a party object to the Construction Adjudicator?

Within the Construction Adjudicator’s role, he/she must ensure that there is no conflict of interest before being appointed. The appointment of the Construction Adjudicator is an extremely important aspect of the Construction Adjudication Process and a failure to act impartially could result in the Court refusing to enforce a decision because there has been a breach of justice due to the bias of the appointed Construction Adjudicator.

A party may object to the appointment of a Construction Adjudicator however; it will not necessarily invalidate the appointment or subsequent decision reached through the Construction Adjudication Process. There is a duty on the Construction Adjudicator to act impartially. In most Construction Dispute Resolution cases that are referred to Construction Adjudication the parties will accept the decision reached by the Construction Adjudicator.

A Construction Adjudicator is not liable for anything done during the discharge of his functions under the Construction Adjudication Process, unless he/she acted in bad faith.

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