Bankruptcy Petition costs

It is advisable to instruct solicitors to assist you with the issuing of a Bankruptcy Petition. On top of any costs that your solicitor will charge (including the costs of someone attending the bankruptcy hearing on your behalf), there are also the following other costs (or “disbursements”) that need to be paid:

  • £280.00 Court fee
  • £990.00 Official Receiver’s fee

A Bankruptcy Petition also needs to be personally served on the individual debtor. It is good practice to employ the services of a process server who will formally serve the Bankruptcy Petition on the debtor and also provide a witness statement for you to present to the Court to confirm that the Bankruptcy Petition has been properly served.

It may be possible to recover some or all of the above costs from the debtor in the event that they are made bankrupt or agree to a settlement before a Bankruptcy Order is made.

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