How to defend a bankruptcy petition

If an individual wishes to defend a Bankruptcy Petition, it is vital that they attend the hearing of the Bankruptcy Petition at the Court or appoint solicitors to appear on their behalf.

It is possible to defend a Bankruptcy Petition if it can be shown that the debt is substantially disputed. It will be necessary to clearly demonstrate with evidence why the debt is not due, such as providing evidence that the debt has been paid, or establishing a counterclaim or claim for set-off.

In addition, it may be possible for the individual to negotiate a settlement with the creditor who has presented the Bankruptcy Petition, for example by proposing instalment payments or agreeing to provide a charge over a property.

If an individual has a number of other debts which they are unable to pay and would rather enter into an Individual Voluntary Agreement, it may be possible to get the Bankruptcy Petition hearing adjourned for a period of time whilst a proposal for an Individual Voluntary Agreement is put to the individual’s creditors.

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