High Court Chancery Division

As well as dealing with cases involving the above types of claims, the Chancery Division also contains other specialised courts, to deal with specific types of cases.  Specialised Courts in the Chancery Division include:

  • The Bankruptcy and Companies Court;
  • The Patents Court;
  • The Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court; and
  • Chancery Chambers (for Masters).

The Chancery Division is based at the Rolls Building in London and also at district registries across England and Wales.  Hearings at the Rolls Building are heard by one of 18 High Court judges. The Head of the Chancery Division is the Chancellor of the High Court.  Interim applications or hearing or other case management matters are normally dealt with by one of 6 Chancery Masters.  Outside of London, hearings are heard by either a chancery judge or circuit judge while the work of masters is handled by district judges.

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