Issuing a Statutory Demand

Issuing a Statutory Demand is something which needs to be done carefully. Mistakes on issuing a Statutory Demand can lead to it being set aside by the Court with a potential costs order against the party which wrongly issued the statutory demand. Whilst the statutory demand form is relatively straightforward, there are many pitfalls which can be made and therefore we would recommend that you instruct us to deal with the issuing of a statutory demand.

As well as issuing a statutory demand, we can also arrange for the statutory demand to be properly served on the statutory demand Debtor. Proper statutory demand service is as important as properly issuing a statutory demand. Failure to do it will also invalidate the Statutory Demand and the Creditor will need to start the entire statutory demand process again.

Call an issuing a statutory demand expert now

At Francis Wilks and Jones, we can help you with all aspects of Statutory Demands including issuing a Statutory Demand. Why not speak to one of the Issuing a Statutory Demand experts today to help you through this process. We can provide you with a friendly consultation.

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