Serving a Statutory Demand

Serving a statutory demand is usually best undertaken by an experience Process Server. At Francis Wilks and Jones, we have a very good relationship with Process Servers who are experts in serving a statutory demand.

The importance of getting a Process Server to serve a statutory demand is that they are fully aware of the rules relating to the serving of statutory demands, how they can be served and what happens for example, if the person being served is not present.  They can arrange for service of a Statutory Demand by substituted service and they know how to deal with people who seek to avoid statutory demand service.

In order for the Court to proceed to the Bankruptcy stage, it needs to be sure that a statutory demand has been properly served.  If the statutory demand court does not have a proper witness statement of service from a process server showing that he or she properly arranged for serving a Statutory Demand, then the Bankruptcy petition will not be issued. Failure to properly follow to rules related to serving a statutory demand can undermine the entire statutory demand process and lead to statutory demand dismissal.

Call the serving a statutory demand experts

At Francis Wilks and Jones, we are the experts in Statutory Demand. This includes all matters relating to the serving of a Statutory Demand.  Why not contact us now and we can help you through this important process.


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