Statutory demand or claim form

Statutory demand or small claims court is often something we are asked. Indeed, statutory demand or County Court and statutory demand or High Court is an equally good question.

A Statutory demand is essentially an insolvency based process. It is used in circumstances where the debtor is unable to pay its debts and is to be deemed to be insolvent. It should however only also be used in circumstances where the debt claimed is undisputed. If the debt is subject to a dispute, then the matter should be litigated out in the normal court process. This is because ultimately, if a debt is disputed then the court will want to listen to evidence from individuals at a trial and that opportunity simply does not exist in the statutory demand process.

We would always recommend as part of debt collection process that if a statutory demand debt is undisputed (or a portion over £750 is undisputed) then you should proceed with a statutory demand rather than small claims or county court or high court. This is because the normal court system is much slower and laborious. It can also be quite costly if the debtor tries to defend the claim. There is the possibility of cutting that all out by using a statutory demand which in itself is also a relatively cheap process and can be less than the court issue fee in normal court claims.

Legal advice is recommended to ensure that your case is right for a statutory demand rather than a normal small claims court, county court or high court case. At FWJ we have a team of expert statutory demand lawyers who can assist.

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