Statutory demand service requirements

Effective service of a statutory demand is very important. One obvious non-technical reason is that if the statutory demand is not properly served, it might not come to a debtor’s attention and therefore the statutory demand debt won’t get paid.

On the technical side of things, proper statutory demand service means that evidence can be presented later on to court regarding the continuing non-payment of the debt and the debtor’s likely insolvency. Indeed, proper statutory demand service is required to take the next steps against an individual (bankruptcy petition) or a company (winding up petition).

Ordinarily, it is always best to arrange for a process server to ensure proper statutory demand service. At Francis Wilks & Jones we have very good relationships with process servers who can serve statutory demands on either companies or individuals. They are familiar with the requirements of service and will provide the requisite affidavit of service if need be for presentation at a later date to the court.

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