Statutory demand

A statutory demand is most commonly used by a creditor to recover from a debtor overdue and undisputed debts. A Statutory Demand should only be used in circumstances where the debt is not disputed or the debtor does not have a “cross claim” which extinguishes or overreaches the amount of the creditor’s statutory demand debt.

In terms of a statutory demand form, it is relatively simple to complete but it important to avoid errors. If it is not correct, the statutory demand can be struck out by a court and the person who wrongly issued the statutory demand may face a large costs penalty.

We can assist on all matters relating to a statutory demand including

  1. Stat demand help
  2. Statutory demand for payment help
  3. Setting aside a statutory demand help
  4. Issuing a statutory demand help
  5. Explaining the Statutory demand process
  6. Help with Serving a statutory demand
  7. Explaining statutory demand notice
  8. Statutory demand against a company
  9. What is meant by statutory demand company and Statutory demand bankruptcy
  10. Statutory demand costs
  11. Statutory demand for payment of debt
  12. Statutory debt
  13. Serving statutory demand
  14. Statutory demand procedure
  15. Statutory demand time limit
  16. Statutory demand limit
  17. Statutory demand before winding up petition

Common questions we help with include

  1. How to issue a statutory demand
  2. How to set aside a statutory demand
  3. How to serve a statutory demand
  4. How to recover a debt from an individual
  5. What is a statutory demand?
  6. How long does a statutory demand last?
  7. How to recover debt from an individual
  8. Can a statutory demand be withdrawn?
  9. Can a statutory demand be served on a company?
  10. Can I ignore a statutory demand?


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