Defence & Counterclaim - assistance & help

Whether you are a Claimant or a Defendant in a set of legal proceedings, the defence (and counterclaim) stage is of vital importance.

For a Defendant it is vital to properly set the basis of your defence to the claim and ensure that the legal arguments are properly made. Failure to do so can lead to early judgment being entered against you or a costly application being made to amend the basis of the defence. At FWJ we can help you properly plead your grounds of defence to ensure you put yourself in the best possible shape moving forward. You might also have your own claim against the Claimant you want to bring (commonly called a Counterclaim) and we can help you set this out in accordance with the rules

If you are a Claimant, then it is sensible to take legal advice on the merits of the defence and whether it is appropriate to apply to strike the case out, ask further questions of it (by way of a Part 18 Request) or plead a formal Reply to the Defence. If a counterclaim is also served with the defence – you need to ensure a defence is pleaded to the counterclaim to avoid judgment on this.

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