Gambling Disputes

Welcome to Francis Wilks & Jones, gambling disputes experts. We help our clients to obtain their winnings from gambling companies and / or advising clients on regulatory complaints about gambling companies.

FWJ can help you now with the following gambling/ betting dispute aspects:

  1. Gambling Claims. We can sign you up as a client, take a full history of the gambling dispute and begin drafting a letter before action to help recovery your winnings;
  2. Gambling Commission Complaints. We can help draft and log your regulatory complaint to the Gambling Commission and manage the complaint from start to finish.

If you have a gambling claims or betting claims question or complaint to make, we are the firm to help. We provide quick, cost effective and commercial minded advice.  We really are the experts when it comes to gambling or betting claims so please call us all now us to speak to one of our friendly gambling expert advisers.

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