Alternatives to Search Orders

There are various alternatives to Search Orders for a potential Applicant to consider although none of them are as effective as applying for a Search Order itself. However, it is always worth considering these alternatives prior to going to court for a Search Order because:

  • The Court might not grant the Search order. Courts will look at the application very carefully indeed and decide that there are insufficient grounds to make such a draconian type of order;
  • The cost of this type of application can be very high indeed. The value of the underlying claim might mean that an application for a Search Order makes no commercial sense;
  • There can be difficulties in terms of identifying documents to be delivered-up or preserved and policing cooperation with the Order.

There are alternatives. For example, one might consider seeking an Order for delivery up of documentation or an Order preserving documentation. Whilst these are not as effective as a Search Order and do not afford the same level of protection, they are both cheaper and easier to obtain from court.

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