What are Search Orders?

Search Orders are the most draconian form of mandatory interim injunction available to an Applicant. As such, the requirements when seeking such an Order are extremely onerous and Search Orders are not granted lightly. The reasons for this are clear. A Search Order can allow an Applicant’s representatives to enter a Respondent’s premises and Search for, copy, remove and retain documents, information or material.

The rationale behind such Orders are to enable a party (nearly always the Claimant) in the substantive legal proceedings to ensure that important documents and evidence are preserved and not destroyed by a Defendant.

Search Orders are not however intended to be used a way of obtaining evidence by a Claimant. As a result they are only ever granted in circumstances where a less serious Order such as a preservation or delivery up of documents Order is unlikely to be adhered to and where the Respondent is likely to go ahead and destroy crucial evidence relevant to the main proceedings.

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