Business Loan Advice

You may want to take business loan advice before signing a loan agreement to ensure that you understand the terms of borrowing and any penalties or increased costs, fees or expenses that you may have to deal with further down the line.   It is important to seek business loan advice so that you do not sign a contract which contains unfair or onerous terms which may affect your repayment prospects. 

At Francis Wilks & Jones we have a dedicated team of banking and finance lawyers who can thoroughly review your business loan agreement and negotiate with the lender to seek removal of clauses which negatively affect your position.

Contact a team of solicitors who are experts in business loan advice

Francis Wilks & Jones has a leading team of banking and finance solicitors here to help you understand you loan agreement.  We have broad expertise in drafting loan agreements and giving commercial legal advice.  Our knowledge of business loans is second to none and our results excellent.  Whatever your banking and finance enquiry, we can assist.  Call us now to speak to a friendly banking solicitors now.