Business Loan Contract

As a business owner you may want to find out more about business loan contracts and how the terms drafted in them could affect the future prosperity of your business.

When acting for borrowers at Francis Wilks & Jones, we will review the whole business loan contract, taking particular notice of entire agreement clauses, financial covenants and events of default and indemnities.  By undertaking a thorough review of business loan contracts, we provide our clients with effective legal and commercial advice to help them understand their loan agreements.

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Please contact one of our expert banking and finance lawyers now for your friendly informal consultation on your business loan contract.  At Francis Wilks & Jones, we have significant experience in a broad range of business loan agreements.  We are highly skilled and have helped many companies which require advice on business loan contracts.  We offer quick and effective advice.   Whatever your situation, don’t delay.  Call now for a friendly consultation.