Small Business Funding

Access to small business funding can be an issue for many start ups and small to medium sized businesses (SMEs).  You may want to look into the possibility of government-backed loans as well as more traditional business loans from high street banks.  Once you have found a funder and they have created a loan agreement, you may want to seek legal advice to ensure that the loan is fairly drafted.

At Francis Wilks & Jones we can provide you with a bespoke legal service to review your business loan agreement and assist you in achieving the small business funding that you are seeking.  We can help you to understand the fees which the funder will intend to charge you and inform you of any terms which would be viewed as onerous or unfair.

Contact the expert small business funding solicitors now

Our team of small business funding solicitors at Francis Wilks & Jones are here to help you with any issues you might be facing in terms of drafting, advice and negotiating.  Our knowledge of small business loans is very significant and we have dealt with numerous small business loans transactions.  Our practical daily experience means that we can assist whatever the nature of your banking enquiry.