Have you been threatened with or are in receipt of legal proceedings relating to allegations of fraud, dishonesty, misappropriation of assets and/or subject to a Freezing Order?

The fraud solicitors’ team at Francis Wilks & Jones have significant experience in advising individuals, companies or other legal entities who have been threatened with or served with legal proceedings (including Freezing Orders, Search and Seizure Orders, Delivery Up Orders etc.) in respect of allegations of fraud, dishonesty, conspiracy and misappropriation of assets.

We set out below examples of just some of the areas our expert fraud solicitors can help you with include the following:

1. Explaining the terms of the Court Orders

2. Explaining  how to comply with Court Orders

3. Dealing with living and business expenses when served with a Freezing Order

4. Applying to vary or discharge a Freezing Order

5. Dealing with Contempt of Court applications

6. Providing representation at Court

7. Detailed review of all evidence and provide clear, concise and commercial advice

8. Defend the underlying proceedings and provide specific and economic advice on the options and strategy going forward


Whatever the situation, if you have been accused of fraud early advice is vital.

Call us now on 020 7841 0390 or contact the Fraud solicitors team via the webform to arrange your consultation.

If your enquiry is urgent and out of hours, please feel free to contact one of our specialist fraud solicitors, Andrew Bowden-Brown (+44 (0)7904 420 859), Andy Wilks (+44 (0)7793 394 600), Stephen Downie (+44 (0)7960 102 250)  or Christopher Ahearne (+44 (0) 7904 420921)  direct on their mobiles.

Our wealth of experience on fraud claims covers areas such as banking fraud, corporate fraud, international fraud, serious fraud, bankruptcy fraud, factoring frauds, and claims by Insolvency Practitioners alleging fraud.