Are you a lawyer or potential claimant based outside of England looking for assistance with regard to fraud claims, the enforcement of foreign / overseas judgments or awards and / or advice relating to freezing orders or tracing of stolen assets?

Francis Wilks & Jones is one of the leading law firms specialising in fraud, asset recovery and investigations in England and Wales.

Examples of the areas our fraud solicitors can advise you are as follows:-

1. Providing you with a thorough understanding of the English legal process

2. How to apply for a Freezing Order in England to support existing legal proceedings already issued outside the jurisdiction

3. Whether proceedings can be issued in England in the absence of already extant proceedings abroad

4. Obtaining information from parties to proceedings (and non-parties) to assist in the recovery of stolen assets

5. Explaining the different considerations to take into account prior to commencing legal proceedings in England & Wales, particularly in circumstances where a Freezing Order is anticipated

6. Working with forensic investigators to help trace stolen assets

7. Considering what other court orders can be obtained to help maximise the prospects of a full recovery for a client

8. How to obtain a Search Order against individual or company to help preserve key information / documentation which is threatened with destruction


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If your enquiry is urgent and out of hours, please feel free to contact one of our specialist fraud solicitors, Andrew Bowden-Brown (+44 (0)7904 420 859), Andy Wilks (+44 (0)7793 394 600), Stephen Downie (+44 (0)7960 102 250)  or Christopher Ahearne (+44 (0) 7904 420921)  direct on their mobiles.

The above are just some of the areas we can assist foreign lawyers / Plaintiffs with. Our wealth of experience covering areas such as banking fraud, corporate fraud, international fraud, serious fraud, bankruptcy fraud and factoring frauds.