What is a Contingency Fee lawyer?

A Contingency fee lawyer gets paid from the sums you recover from legal proceedings.  The amount paid to a contingency fee lawyer is always a fixed percentage of the sums eventually recovered, and in UK litigation proceedings this can usually be no more than 50% (including VAT).

A Contingency Fee lawyer is generally a solicitor (in the UK) who is willing to act under the terms of a Damages Based Agreement, which provides that his/her legal fees will only become payable in the event that your claim or transaction (whether in or out of legal proceedings) is successful.

Not all solicitors are structured correctly or have the necessary experience to assess risk sufficient to enable them to enter into any such arrangement.

At Francis Wilks & Jones we are extremely familiar with Contingency Fees and Damages Based Agreements and will be able to explain the procedure and further requirements to enter into any such funding agreement, subject to assessment of the claim or proposal, and an appropriate risk assessment.

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