Debt Recovery Services for Residential Landlords

If your tenant leaves during the fixed-term of your tenancy or owes you rent after we evict them, we have a dedicated Recovery Team at Francis Wilks & Jones that can review your claim and advise you as to the best way to get your money back.

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Tenant Tracing

It is imperative that you know where your tenant lives if you want to recover your debt. If your tenant disappears, we have a dedicated fast-action tracing service that can find them.

County Court Judgment

If you do not have a County Court Judgment for the money you are owed, we will send your tenant a formal letter demanding payment in full. Should they fail to pay you, we will complete the necessary forms and apply to Court on your behalf for Judgment.

Attachment of Earnings Order

If your tenant is employed, we can apply to Court and seek an order that the employer makes payments to the Court from your tenant’s salary. These payments will then in turn be paid to you.

Charging Order

If your tenant owns any property we can apply for a formal charge over that property on your behalf which accumulates interest and secures your debt.

Third Party Debt Order

If you know that your tenant has a bank account with enough monies in it to cover your debt, it may be possible for us to obtain an order that the monies in the account are used to pay your debt.

County Court Bailiffs/High Court Enforcement Officers

We can instruct Bailiffs or HCEO’s to visit your tenant and seize goods to value of your debt, negotiate re-payment plans and collect money on your behalf.

Bankruptcy Demands

We can serve your tenant with a bankruptcy petition and apply to make them bankrupt should they fail to pay. We can then arrange for a hard hitting Trustee in Bankruptcy to be appointed free of charge in order to seek recovery of your monies.

Winding up Petitions

Whilst your property might be residential, if your tenant is a company we can apply to wind up their business if they are unable to pay. We can then arrange for a hard hitting Insolvency Practitioner to be appointed free of charge in order to seek recovery of your monies.

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