Tax Investigations

The pressure on the Treasury to reduce the Budget deficit is growing year on year, and as a result HMRC’s aggression in ‘Tackling the tax gap’ is increasing. Tax payers are now more likely to come under scrutiny than ever before. It is vital that any Tax payer be they individuals or corporates deal with its tax issues immediately as they occur. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away and can indeed exacerbate the situation.

Our team at FWJ includes specialists with deep experience and an impressive record of success in Tax investigations and litigation across the whole spectrum of regimes currently administered by HMRC. This experience ranges from dealing with HMRC local offices on our client’s behalf to major Tax litigation in the Tax Tribunals and High court. We would be more than happy to discuss any Tax issue on an initial no obligation basis. Please feel free to contact us if you have any such queries.

VAT, Excise Duty and Indirect Taxes.

FWJ can advise and act across the whole spectrum of Indirect Tax regimes administered by HMRC (formerly HM Customs & Excise) including VAT, Excise and Customs Duties, Landfill tax and IPT.

We regularly represent clients in all courts where Indirect tax issues can be determined, and act regularly in the Magistrates and County courts, Financial and Tax Tribunal, High Court and Court of Appeal.

We also advise on day to day compliance issues to assist traders stay abreast of the seemingly ever changing rules, thus reducing the chances of an HMRC intervention.

Our team has strong links to various industries where Indirect Tax compliance is a recurring theme, we understand their business’s and trade specific issues. We are regularly instructed by Companies/individuals in the following trade sectors;


  • Alcohol trade. (including Cash & Carry’s, Bonded warehouses, and exporters)
  • Dealers in hi tech goods
  • Payroll Companies/work force providers
  • Construction/Property sector
  • Transport/Haulage
  • Pension Industry/Financial services.


Direct Tax (including Corporation Tax and PAYE)

Our team are highly experienced in dealing with all manner of Tax Investigations and enquiries.

Whether you are subject of an enquiry or have a Tax disclosure to make, we will deal with the Revenue on your behalf mitigating the liabilities and penalties and in many cases achieving an immunity from prosecution under the Contracted Disclosure Facility (C.D.F)

We have a deep understanding of how HMRC operate, we understand their priorities and methodologies and use this knowledge to best help our clients.

We keep abreast of any new initiatives HMRC may undertake, for Example the issuance of Accelerated Payment Notices (APN’s), assessment resulting from an EBT scheme etc.

Whatever the problem we are confident that we can offer the best solution for our clients and help them put their Tax affairs in order with the minimum of stress, worry and cost.

We would be happy to discuss any Tax issue on an initial no obligation basis. Please feel free to contact us if you have any such queries.