Invoice finance is commonly used by SMEs.

SME invoice finance involves the assignment of invoices from a SME company to a bank or financier in return for which, the bank or financier will provide an advance against those invoices of anything immediately up to 80% or 90%. This will hugely help the cashflow and running of the company who assigned the book debts to the bank and enable it to continue on its growth or day to day trading.

Invoice finance covers a wide range of terminology including

  • factoring;
  • confidential discounting;
  • invoice discounting;
  • full-service factoring;
  • recourse factoring; and
  • maturity factoring.

While each of these has their own separate nuances, the common theme on the whole is the assignment of book debts (invoices) to the bank or finance company and advances made against those book debts.

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