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Our team at Francis Wilks & Jones excels in resolving commercial disputes on the most beneficial terms for our clients. Whether by negotiated settlement, mediation or formal litigation, we have a brilliant track record of success - whatever the dispute and whichever side you are on. Call our friendly team today. Let us help.  

Commercial litigation solicitors

The team at Francis Wilks & Jones always look for commercial solutions for clients as a first step to any possible resolution of a case. We have a high degree of success when it comes to resolving disputes early on for clients. However, even when this is possible and commercial litigation becomes inevitable, the dispute resolution team at Francis Wilks & Jones can help you through the litigation process and continue to explore settlement options for you – whether you are a claimant or a defendant.

Contact our team today to discuss any of the following:

Alternative dispute resolution and mediation

Our team at Francis Wilks & Jones undertakes all types of alternative dispute resolution and mediation matters.  These range from:

  • formal meditations with trained mediators
  • more straightforward without prejudice discussions
  • round table meetings

The team at Francis Wilks & Jones is well versed in choosing the right form of ADR process to maximise settlement of a claim both pre and post issue of proceedings.

Commercial litigation

The team at Francis Wilks & Jones are experts in commercial litigation claims. It is at the core of what we do as a law firm.

No matter how complex the claim, the value involved or the stage of the legal proceedings you are at, our team can help. Our experience spans a wide range of industry types on behalf of our clients, from SMEs, directors and shareholders to individuals.

  • if you are thinking of issuing a claim or already involved in legal proceedings against another party, our team can assist you in achieving the best outcome for you
  • If you are threatened with a legal claim or already a defendant in legal proceedings, we can help advise on the prospects of success and how best to bring an end to the claim, preferably without going to a full trial

Freezing orders and injunctions

The team at Francis Wilks & Jones has significant freezing orders and injunctions experience, both for claimants and defendants. Often these types of applications must be conducted at speed but with great accuracy and detail.

  • obtaining injunctions at court can be difficult but our team at Francis Wilks & Jones has a tremendous success rate in obtaining injunctive relief for its clients
  • equally, if you are on the receiving end of a freezing order or injunction, obtaining quick commercial and legal advice is often crucial in avoiding the worst impacts of such a serious court order

Professional negligence

Our professional negligence team often advises SMEs, directors and shareholders in negligence claims that they might have against various professionals they have relied upon, including accountants, lawyers, surveyors, property advisers as well as many other parties. If you have been affected by poor advice, our team can establish whether you have a claim for damages.

Whatever the nature of your enquiry, our friendly team at Francis Wilks & Jones would be delighted to speak to you.

We approached Francis Wilks & Jones following the termination of a large contract by a client on the basis of repudiation. The principal solicitor I dealt with was extremely responsive, assertive and able to redirect the problem against other company which agreed to reinstate the contract fully – with no loss of earnings – and even to pay a substantial sum towards my legal costs! I am very grateful for the assistance of FWJ.

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