Our team of business rescue experts are often asked for help and advice from business owners experiencing financial difficulties. Our decades of experience allows us to advise you on all the available options and choose the right one for you.  We help save businesses. 

Francis Wilks & Jones’ team of business recovery experts have decades combined experience advising companies needing business rescue.  In these difficult times, this advice can mean the difference between a company’s success or failure.

  • one undeniable factor in a successful company rescue is that the earlier a company seeks help, the more options are available to it, and the greater the chances of a successful turnaround;
  • burying your head in the sand may be tempting when things become overwhelming, but in the long run, it will do more harm than good.

Contact one of our team as soon as you believe that you company is facing solvency issues to see where we can help.

Options available to you

There are many different options open for business rescue.  An important aspect of company rescue and business turnaround is that there is a viable underlying business to rescue, despite some short-term problems.

  • unfortunately, a business owner dealing with problems in the company for some time can be too busy firefighting and not see the wood for the trees;
  • our job is to create focus, to work with you to create a successful business rescue strategy that will work for you and your company.

In any business turnaround it is vital that a business rescue strategy is developed first, taking into account the particular company’s situation, the market, the position of customers and suppliers, and the availability of funding for the company.

Business rescue options might include for example:-

  • an informal restructuring of the management team, and/or the employee base;
  • a full review of the debtor situation to regain control over the collection of debts of the company to aid cash-flow;
  • reaching an agreement with creditors, either on a formal or informal basis, to give some breathing space to the company to recover;
  • looking at additional methods of financing the company and increasing cash-flow, whether through short-term cash injections, refinancing, sale of non-core assets or by way of equity injection, among others; and
  • a de-merger of the non-performing parts of the business.

Whatever your company’s situation, we can help. Our team of experts work alongside leading experts in the industry, including insolvency practitioners, and financiers.  Between us we can help you see your way through your business difficulties and bring about an effective business rescue. Talk to us as soon as possible and one of our team of friendly advisers can discuss your options.

“Having worked with Tim and Andy, the founding partners of Francis Wilks & Jones since 2003 and before at their previous practice, I thoroughly value the expertise and flexibility brought to every assignment by them and their team. As a relatively new insolvency practice, BM Advisory has carefully selected its business partners who share a similar enthusiasm to find workable solutions for our mutual clients often in distressed situations. Francis Wilks & Jones fits this bill well and we would have no hesitation in recommending the firm to anyone who requires a sound law firm who are approachable and easy to talk to.”

Andy Pear, partner at BM Advisory

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