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At Francis Wilks & Jones, our team of expert lawyers has worked with all types of business and all types of liquidation situations throughout the last two decades. Let us help you too.

Our expertise can help with creditor voluntary liquidation

If we have learnt one thing as a team, it is that the earlier a client comes to us, the more often we can help prevent a situation that may be irrecoverable for the company.

Unfortunately, in these difficult times many companies are facing financial issues. We help companies find solutions when they are suffering from a range of issues such as

Whilst sometimes these problems can be overcome, if you realistically believe that you will struggle to pay creditors on an ongoing basis, then you may need to consider creditors voluntary liquidation as an option.

Our experience over the last two decades

The company rescue team at Francis Wilks & Jones has significant experience of dealing with companies in all types of stressed situations. We can talk through the options with you to help you decide if it is necessary for your company to go into a liquidation process or whether they may be other options for the company in terms of business turnaround tools.

  • if you have reached the conclusion that there really is no longer a viable business to save, we can help find the right option for you and wind down the company in the most risk free way
  • whilst this is never an easy decision, sometimes making that decision is the first step to freeing you from the stress that you have inevitably been under, and allowing you to move forward

What is clear is that the sooner you come to us, the more options that you will have.

Our company rescue team will advise on the best way to start the voluntary liquidation process, if it is appropriate for your business, and can guide you through the legal process involved in creditors voluntary liquidation. We work with the best insolvency liquidators in the country, to ensure that your company is wound up quickly and effectively.

At the same time, we can advise you on your own duties as directors and business owners, helping you to protect your own position too, so that you can be free to pursue fresh directorships in the future.

The first step is to speak to one of our expert advisers. Contact the team today so we can discuss your options with you in confidence.

Having worked with Tim and Andy, the founding partners of Francis Wilks & Jones, since 2003 and before at their previous practice, I thoroughly value the expertise and flexibility brought to every assignment by them and their team. As a relatively new insolvency practice, BM Advisory has carefully selected its business partners who share a similar enthusiasm to find workable solutions for our mutual clients often in distressed situtations. Francis Wilks & Jones fits this bill well and we would have no hesitation in recommending the firm to anyone who requires a sound law firm who are approachable and easy to talk to.

Andy Pear, partner at BM Advisory

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