Francis Wilks & Jones is the country’s leading firm of validation order solicitors. If you have been served with a winding up petition, we can help you to continue trading, unfreeze your bank account and reverse the winding up order. Whatever your situation, our friendly lawyers can assist.

What is a validation order?

A validation order is a specific type of court order made when a winding up petition has already been issued against a company.

Urgent action is needed to deal with a winding up petition

Validation orders are special types of court applications which are made in urgent circumstances when a company has been served with a winding up petition. That could be a winding up petition issued by

If a winding up petition has been issued and served against a company, it might still want to keep on trading. For example, the company might want to

  • pay staff;
  • pay key suppliers; or
  • complete a contract,

To do so – the company should always obtain a validation order at court first to allow those particular transactions to be made. 

Consequences of not getting a validation order

Failure to properly obtain a validation order can have drastic consequences for the directors of a business and/or recipients of monies if the company then goes into liquidation.

  • a liquidator can bring claims against the directors and/or recipients of monies to recover those from the directors;
  • the company bank account can be frozen and it can affect the company’s ability to continue to trade. Bank account frozen issues can really damage a company and a validation order can give court sanction to the unfreezing of an account and force the bank to transfer the monies;
  • suppliers might stop delivering goods / services without payment on delivery;
  • adverse publicity might lead to the loss of key customers. 

At Francis Wilks & Jones we are the experts in validation orders. We have a team who deal specifically with validation orders and we have expert links to barristers to attend court on an urgent basis to make these applications. We can even help reverse the original winding up order. Contact us now for your expert assistance.

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