Welcome to our expert debt recovery team. Whether you are defending a debt claim or looking to bring one, we have the experts to help. Defending or issuing, don't settle for second best - contact us today.

Debt recovery solicitors

Extremely thorough, professional and speedy, and the fees were much more reasonable than the competition. Highly recommended.

A private client we assisted with issuing a winding up petition to recover debts

Debt collection and enforcement

Our debt recovery solicitors can effectively and efficiently undertake debt collection and enforcement of all types of debt. We normally start the process with a hard-hitting demand letter and then choose the most appropriate legal action if the debt remains unpaid. These can include standard county court or high court actions, statutory demands, bankruptcy petitions or winding up petitions.

If we do obtain judgment following court action, we are experienced in all types of enforcement action, from instructing the High Court enforcement officer, to the use of statutory demands, bankruptcy petitions, winding up petitions or alternatively pursuing third party debt orders, attachment of earnings orders and charging orders.

Enforcement of foreign judgments in the UK

Our team regularly helps creditors based outside the UK enforce their judgments and recover their debts against debtors based in the UK. Our enforcement of foreign judgments team can provide creditors based in any jurisdiction around the world with the help they need.

Defending debt claims

We are experts in defending debt claims. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of receiving a debt claim, our team is able to advise quickly and effectively. Whether you are defending a county court or high court claim or on the receiving end of a statutory demand or winding up petition, we have the team to assist you. Urgent action is often required to avoid the worst consequences of a claim. We can help.

Large debt claims

As well as smaller “more routine” claims, our team also acts in complex high value debt recovery matters, often in the high court rather than the county court. We act for both claimant and defendant in significant large debt claims and are well versed in complex multi-track cases.

Small debt claims

If you find yourself needing to bring a claim or defend smaller debt claims (eg, in the small claims court), we can assist in a way best suited to you. Whether you would like us to run the entire claim for you or simply provide light touch assistance on certain aspects, we have the flexibility to help.

Statutory demand assistance

Our team are experts in dealing with all statutory demand related matters, including defending demands, applying for set aside, issuing demands, dealing with service and resolving outstanding debt recovery matters. For full details of the service we offer, go to our statutory demand assistance page for help. Or read more in our brilliant free FWY Takeaway – packed with superb guides, FAQs and other information.

Winding up petition assistance

Winding up petitions are very serious legal documents. Our team has issued many hundreds of petitions over the years on behalf of our clients. We have also helped those companies on the receiving end of a winding up petition, helping to resolve the debt and get the petition removed from court. Read more about our brilliant range of services on our dedicated winding up petition assistance page. Or read more in our brilliant free FWJ Takeaway – packed with superb guides, FAQs and other information.

Whatever your debt recovery requirements, Francis Wilks & Jones is the firm for you.  Our decades of combined experience as debt recovery solicitors, assisting SME clients, mean that no matter what the problem, our team can assist.

As credit and collection professionals ourselves, we have to be pretty discerning about the lawyers we retain so it speaks volumes that Francis Wilks & Jones have been our retained solicitors for many years now. Thoroughly professional, the firm has a wide knowledge and experience of the legalities of the debt recovery scene. Sound advice is always available and provides crucial support with some of the more difficult decisions that we have to make.

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