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You have obtained a Judgment against the debtor. The key now is how best to enforce it and maximise your chances of getting paid. Our debt recovery solicitors will help you do this.

Every debt recovery situation is different

When looking at enforcing a CCJ, we recognise that “one size does not fit all”. Different debt sizes, whether the debtor is a business or individual and what assets they have all go into the mix when deciding the best enforcement route.

We can help you choose the right option from the following:

Or a mixture of the above!

Can your debtor pay?  Do a wealth assessment

We can even carry out targeted wealth assessments and credit checks against individuals and businesses to see whether they are worth taking enforcement action against – and if so, what type.  If you are interested in this brilliant service – just let us know.

Whatever the circumstances, we have the right solution to enforce a CCJ for you.

As credit and collection professionals ourselves, we have to be pretty discerning about the lawyers we retain so it speaks volumes that Francis Wilks & Jones have been our retained solicitors for many years now. Thoroughly professional, the firm has a wide knowledge and experience of the legalities of the debt recovery scene. Sound advice is always available and provides crucial support with some of the more difficult decisions that we have to make.

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