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Debt collection and enforcement for SMEs based in England & Wales is one of our specialities. We collect in millions of pounds annually for our business clients. Whatever your requirements, our superb team is here to help.

Having pursued many thousands of claims over the years, we pride ourselves on knowing what course of action is right for each particular client and each particular debt scenario. There is no short cut to this level of experience.

Letters before action

We normally start the process with a hard-hitting demand letter – after all, we recognise that clients would prefer a quick resolution rather than become involved in legal proceedings.

  • we have a great success rate in the use of LBAs – either payment in full or the letter leading to a quick settlement
  • we have even built a fabulous new piece of software, Recovery+, which allows our clients to operate the entire pre-legal process themselves

Legal proceedings

If legal proceedings become necessary, we will use the most appropriate recovery method available – depending on a range of factors, including the type of debtor we are faced with, its ability to pay, the nature of the claim and whether it is disputed or not.  And of course, the likely cost of each particular option.

As a result, we will choose from a variety of options, including:

Whatever your circumstances, we will choose the right course for you and take all appropriate action to recover outstanding debts.


When looking at enforcement options, we recognise that “one size does not fit all”.

Our experience allows us to pick the right choice of enforcement methodology for each particular debt claim we act in. These range from:

Whatever the circumstances, we have the team (and contacts) able to maximise the chances of enforcement for you. Where appropriate, we can also arrange for a wealth assessment to be carried out prior to any enforcement action being taken.

Our bespoke case management system

Over the years we have developed a highly sophisticated case management collection system which allows numerous benefits for our clients including:

  • a direct link to the court issuing system, enabling us to issue legal proceedings the same day
  • interfacing directly with our clients’ accounts systems to enable direct upload of debt instructions directly into our system
  • the ability to automatically calculate and add in any late payment compensation and late payment interest – thereby maximising recoveries 
  • allowing our clients excellent real time reporting on their cases
  • allowing complete transparency on fees and agreeing fixed fee arrangements with clients where appropriate

Our latest systems development: Recovery +

Never satisfied with standing still, Recovery + is the latest in a line of developments we can now offer our clients. This interactive piece of debt collection software enables our clients to:

  • access part of our system and allow them to take advantage of a fully automated pre-litigation recovery system
  • take action to try and recover the debts themselves using an automated system backed with hard hitting legal demand letters 
  • use it as much or as little as they want – and do so at their own pace, limiting greatly the need for legal involvement and thereby reducing cost at the pre-issue stage

Whatever your debt recovery requirements, we have the team and systems to help. Don’t settle for second best, call the experts today.

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